Nokia X7-00 Similar To C7, But More Wide Screen

17 Apr

Its existence was first introduce in late November, now Nokia X7-00 re-emerged in cyberspace. Although not yet officially announced by Nokia, no doubt thisappearance brought a little picture on the phone early this music genre.

According to sources cited PULSAonline via howardforums, said that Nokia X7-00 aka Sushi is rumored to be launched in the United States, it is least visible from AT & T logo emblazoned on the top of this phone. Yet Another newspaper also mentioned that this phone will also be available in Europe as well.

In general, X7-00 appearance is similar to the Nokia C7. X7-00 only on the screen is slightly larger. Where it says the screen is likely to approximately 4 “AMOLED-based. Slightly different from the previous rumors that said that the X7-00 will come armed with 4 speakers nicely. At this time the rumor actually say that this phone only has two speakers.

Interestingly, besides armed with loud speaker ‘ciamik’ to listen to music, Nokia X7-00 well enough to snap-splatter affairs. Because, just like its predecessors such as C6-01, C7, and E7, on the side of the camera possibility Nokia X7-00 will also be equipped with camera 8 MP fixed-focus with dual LED-flash.

Unfortunately, until news of this has not been obtained information about the timely launch of the Nokia X7-00 ini.Untuk that we wait for its development.

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