Nokia T1 leaked? hmm…

21 Apr

Jay Montano | April 15, 2011@UGN999 sends this picture in of what claims to be a T1 handset. Possibly along the lines of the Tseries, such as the possibly T7 both for China’s TD-SCDMA.

  • The screen is so tiny. None of the 1-level phones have a screen this small, e.g. C1, X1. It’s more like the old Nokia 1208, though looking somewhat higher res (could just be the pic)
  • The T1 placement looks off and the 1 is a completely different font to what has been used before (there’s no bar on the bottom of the 1)

  • It reminds me of another phone but I can’t place which.
  • The battery is placed next to the signal bar? (I haven’t used superbasic Nokia’s in a while so not sure if this is a recent change). It looks lie S30 has been updated to a squished S40 touch and type look.
  • What’s that smudge on the top left?
  • Either a brand new, mega budget phone to tackle the china market or a fake.

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