The Definitive Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Bug List

5 May

The Definitive Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Bug List is now open for business.

The Definitive Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Bug List is now open for business.

Back and better than ever: the Definitive Bug List, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic  edition, is now open! Maybe this will turn out to be an even bigger success than the previous Nokia N97 Definitive Bug List. As usual, add bugs in the comments but make sure you mention your firmware version, phone type (enter *#0000# in the Dialer), and region.

I do want to mention something before we get to the bug list. Just because I made a “Definitive 5530 XpressMusic Bug List” does not mean that the 5530XM is a bad phone – on the contrary, it’s actually an excellent phone. But even the best phones have problems, and this list will highlight them as I see ‘em.

Current software version: RM-504 v10.0.050

The stock version of the 5530 XpressMusic is pretty stable. Major problems include random reboots (infrequent), continuous reboots (also infrequent), and a pretty annoying Messaging bug.


– [Quality Control] Volume control button is extremely hard to press and gives little to no feedback.



– Phone occasionally continuously reboots, usually during a call but also occurring on boot up. This is almost identical to a bug I had with the N97, fixed by the v12 firmware. Basically, red vertical lines appear on the screen, the phone display fades out, and reboots. If you’re lucky, when the phone reboots you’re fine. If not, well – the phone reboots again and again.

– Random reboots when the phone is in the locked state.

– [Menu] Kinetic scrolling is not available.


– If the Messaging application is open to the Inbox view, and you receive a new SMS, you cannot open it by tapping on the SMS – you have to either exit the Inbox and go back in, or go to Options -> Open. Also happens after sending a text message.


– Kinetic scrolling doesn’t work correctly. Back scratching required to move around webpages.
– Certain web sites crash the browser app and cause it to quit to Home Screen.

Music Player

– [Huh?] In Now Playing, tapping a song’s cover art opens up a volume control box.

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