Nokia N80 Firmware Update to N80ie

13 May

My Nokia N80 has been doing some wacky things lately (random reboots, slow image/video loading, out of memory errors, etc) so I decided to do some research on some firmware upgrades.
The Nokia N80 Mobile Blog has a very well done article on how to update your precious N80 to 4.0623.0.41. However, you can go one step further: install the Nokia N80 Internet Edition firmware on your (stock) N80!

You’ll need to follow the directions on this page, as well as download most of the fairly large files involved in such an undertaking: Link here.

You’ll also need to download the correct region Internet Edition firmware to be flashed. These were uploaded by Mr. Nokia N80 Mobile Blog Guy (I think), so don’t blame me if they go down.

European Firmware
European Firmware Update
APAC (Asia-Pacific Region Firmware)

What’s the benefit of the Internet Edition over the standard N80 firmware? Mainly VoIP. I believe VoIP software doesn’t function properly on stock N80′s, but it seems to work very well on the Internet Edition firmwares. VoIP basically lets you utilize the WLAN connection to make free calls with a very slight decrease in call quality.

I still have yet to try this, but it seems from the comments that there are enough happy users to give it a go. I plan to at least.

Update #2: Firmware update successful!

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