The Handy S60 Phone Shortcut List

21 May

This month’s official S60 newsletter included a nice little “tip of the month” column that highlighted the quickest way to add a carriage return (enter key basically) to your text messages/notes: just hit the 0 (zero) button three times. So simple, yet so effective.

So that got me a little excited (that was something I’d been trying to figure out for ages), and thinking at the same time. Which resulted in the idea for this entry: the continually updating S60 phone shortcut post. Some of these will probably be pretty well known already, but I’m hoping it’ll be a nice reference for all.

Got any cool shortcuts? Send them by mail or add a comment, and I’ll drop it into this post.


Voice Activated Dialing: Hold down the right softkey for 2 seconds.
Task Switcher/S60 Alt-Tab Key: Hold down the menu key.
Switch Between Silent and General Profiles: Hold down the # (pound) key. Only works on certain phones.
Read Text Messages (Out Loud): Hold down the left softkey. (works on N81, E66, probably most S60 phones)
Speed Dial: Hold down the corresponding keypad number or hit the number and then the Send key. Voice mail is always the 1 key.
Quick Dial Contact at SIM Position: This is a tricky one. If you enter a number followed by the # (pound) key, it’ll automatically insert the phone number for that person stored on your SIM. Ie. 1# will show the first person’s phone number in your SIM directory, 2# would show the second one, etc…Not sure how useful this is unless you go around memorizing your SIM directory.
Switch Bluetooth On/Off: Hold the * key at the idle screen. (works on E66, recent S60 phones)

Text Entry and Selecting Items

Quick Copy and Paste: At any text entry screen (Notes, etc), hold down the # (pound) key and hit the left or right arrow keys to create a selection box. While still holding down the pound key, you can press the left softkey to copy the text. # + right softkey will paste your copied selection.
Quick Carriage Return: Hit 0 (Zero) key three times and wait or continue typing.
Quick Mark or Quick Selection: Hit the # (pound) key in a list to mark that item, or keep the # key held down while using the up/down arrow keys to select multiple items. Works in messaging inbox, contacts, etc.


Quick Open Web Browser: Hold down the 0 (zero) key.
Quick Toolbar: Hold down the center key (center softkey) to display the menu toolbar with page history, page overview, refresh, and find.
Bookmarks: Press the 1 key while browsing.
Quick Find: Press the 2 key while browsing.
Page Overview: Press the 8 key while browsing.
Show Address Bar: Press the 9 key while browsing.


Full Screen View: Press * while viewing an image.
Zoom In: Press 5 while viewing an image.
Zoom Out: Press 0 while viewing an image.
Rotate Image Clockwise: Press 3 while viewing an image.
Rotate Image Counter-Clockwise: Press 1 while viewing an image.

Send in those tips!

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