Quick Tutorial: Hide Your Sound Files From the S60 Music Player

25 May
Hide your sound files from the S60 Music Player.Hide your sound files from the S60 Music Player.

The situation: I have a lot of instrumental music that make great ringtones, but lousy listening music. I don’t want those songs showing up in my “All songs” playlist in the S60 Music Player, because that means I have to create separate playlists that exclude those songs – which take time to create and continually update.

The solution: Dump your ringtone songs into one directory, hide it from the Music player, and use the All songs playlist to play your tracks.

The instructions: Inside.

Quick Summary

This trick works with pretty much any phone running S60 Third Edition and above (including Fifth Ed. touch-screen devices). The idea is that Music Player ignores any folder that is flagged as a System directory. So by attaching that flag via Y-Browser, we can hide songs or sound files that we only want to use for ringtones.

What You’ll Need

– Y-Browser, a signed freeware file browser application by DrJukka. Great program.
– Music files that you want to hide from the Music Player app


1. Download, install, and run Y-Browser. Navigate to your music folder (probably E:\Sounds\Digital).
2. Move all of the sound files that you want to hide from Music Player into one directory – I call mine Instrumental. This may be extremely easy or extremely annoying, depending on how organized your music files are. Basically, you’ll need to highlight the files you want and do Options -> Edit -> Copy/Cut. Then go to your folder, and go to Options -> Edit -> Paste.
3. Select the folder that you want to hide.
4. Go to Options -> File -> Attributes.
5. Change the System value from No to Yes. Hit Save.
6. And you’re done!

Update, 7/19/09: For some reason (and I swear I tested this beforehand), the System-tagged ringtones are no longer visible when choosing in the Profiles or contacts menus (S60 Fifth Edition). However, it seems like they still work if they were selected before the directory was hidden. So make sure you have your ringtones set before using this method.

The nice thing about this method is that even though your sound files are hidden from the Music Player, you can still view and use them as your ringing tones.

Now if only I could do this with the S60 Gallery…

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